CutefishOS Reborn

CutefishOS - Returns. A new release of CutefishOS based on Debian 12 Bookworm has been prepared. The original CutefishOS has been updated to Debian 12 Bookworm stable, dependency bugs have been fixed during the update, and original packages have been updated to be compatible with the Debian 12 package base. Packages have been updated to the current version. Preparatory work was also done for the further development of CutefishOS. At the moment, the original - no longer working repository has been removed and the system has been cleaned of dependencies with the old repository, a new repository is being prepared in which new cutefish packages will be published, as well as additional applications will be added.

CutefishOS Operating System is free of cost that doesn’t develop direct income to itself. That’s why for the development of the project & to provide better product and services for all its users, You can donate and support the project.

We at CutefishOS team love and support open source, any fund raised will be beneficial for the project itself and for open source developers. You can support us through PayPal. We are supported financially via donations, sponsors and advertisements.

Download the new version of CutefishOS: CutefishOS Debian 12