CutefishOS Ubuntu v0.4


Mega: CutefishOS Ubuntu v0.4 Beta Developer Edition
Direct link: CutefishOS Ubuntu v0.4 Beta Developer Edition

What’s new?

CutefishOS Ubuntu v0.4 Update List

Cutefish repository

CutefishOS package repository and all required dependencies.

Package manager

Alternative package manager for Cutefish repository. The new package manager will allow you to quickly install updates that will be rolled out according to the Rolling Release model.

How to use:
Usage: tap (command) (packages/options)
For example:
tap install cutefish-core
Use without sudo

install - Install packages
update, upgrade - Update packages
search - Search for packages
list-packages - List installed packages built from the MPR

-e, –min-info Print extra information when using ‘search’
-h, –help Bring up this help menu
-L, –skip-less-pipe Don’t pipe output from ‘list-packages’ into ‘less’ when output is taller than the terminal height
-R, –rev-alpha Sort results from ‘search’ and ‘list-packages’ from Z-A instead of A-Z
-V, –version Print version information and exit

Alternative Settings Center

Alternative Settings Center - Advanced System Settings.


Updated Calamares with Qt shell, fixed flags, default Brtfs markup in automatic mode. Option to enable/disable Swap


zRam by default with automatic configuration during system installation.


PipeWire is also configured by default to work correctly, in the alternative settings center, additional settings for PipeWire have been added


  • New mouse theme
  • New mouse options: natural scrolling, left-handed mode, pointer speed
  • Added power management, can switch to power saving mode and performance mode
  • New date and time page
  • New health items on the battery page
  • Added system effects option on the Appearance page

File Manager

  • Add to open with dialog
  • Support picture thumbnail

Status Bar

  • Add the Mpris media control item to the statusbar control window
  • Increase stability


  • Improve font rendering
  • Add lock screen interface